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The original design of the fuel site bowl clevis requires users to make a judgment call as to how much torque to apply. Too tight and the glass bowl cracks, too loose and the application leaks - either can result in a fuel leak. In addition, the simple design of the square cut gasket used for the fuel site bowl seal easily allows the bowl to slide off, which also causes leaks.

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Governor plug failures are often caused by oil and dirt from normal engine operation, strong cleansers and high-pressure water and steam used for engine cleaning; all which can penetrate governor plugs and cause the connectors to short out.

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The existing layshaft seal design is a cork gasket that seals for a limited time before it becomes saturated with oil and begins to leak. This is a real problem because of the time required to remove the injector control bracket assembly in order to replace the gasket.

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Eliminate the time and labor expense required to fabricate cardboard and duct tape covers with Durox reusable plastic covers that snap right into place. Additional covers and magnetic paint shields are available upon request.

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The Durox patented “Vector®” collects oil-splash from the rocker and cam components before it migrates to leak prone areas. Salvaging what normally is “lost lubrication”, the Vector® then redirects oil-flow back to the cam lobes, rocker arm rollers and valve bridge components.

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